Details of the Project

  • Category:

    Completed projects

  • Location:

    Atyrau region

  • Overall area:

    82 ha

  • Description:

    «Оrken» Rotation Camp is built in the Atyrau region at the Tengiz field.

    The camp is built for a full accommodation of immediately 6,000 workers of TCO & KPJV oil producing project.

    The following types of works were made by «Saltanat Stroy Service»:

    • preparation of the construction site with a total area of 82 hectares;
    • soil excavation, stabilization and compaction;
    • installation and commissioning of the dewatering point during underground works;
    • industrial painting of steel constructions with a fire-resisting intumescent paint;
    • interior finishing and roofing works.