Building and assembling works in Almaty is a common name of all construction works. Assembling works are those performed with the use of completed parts. All types of construction works are divided into general construction works, special, transport and loading-unloading works.

General construction works are the works to erect shell and core buildings and constructions. General construction works are divided by the type of the materials processed or building elements constructed.

Earthworks are excavation of borrow pits and pots, trenches for strip foundations, field columns, underground floors, underground utility systems; soil transportation includes loading, removal, unloading, site planning, uncovering, counterfill, embankment fill, soil compacting, etc.

Piling works is construction of pile foundations, pile driving or piling.

Masonry works is a construction of walls, supports, arches, pillars from pieces (bricks, natural stones, large concrete stones).

Assembling works mean a delivery of finished products - steel, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood ones, the working area, their assembly, aligning and anchorage.

Wood and finish carpentry works is a delivery of finished wood products to the working area, installation of framings, windows, doors, as well as flooring from boards and parquet.

Roofing works mean to make a garret roof with steel and asbestos cement sheets and built-up roofs with roll materials (roofing paper, asphalted felt, ruberoid).